Need a quick bio written in the third person for publicity purposes?  Here goes:

Suzanne Rindell will receive her Ph.D. in English literature from Rice University in spring 2018. She is the author of the forthcoming historical mystery, EAGLE & CRANE (July 3, 2018), as well as THREE-MARTINI LUNCH (2016) and THE OTHER TYPIST (2013). THE OTHER TYPIST has been translated into 15 languages and optioned for film by Fox Searchlight Pictures. She divides her time between California and New York City and is currently working on her next novel. 

Want to know a bit more?

I grew up in Sacramento, lived for a number of years in San Francisco, spent some time abroad in the UK, and went to graduate school in Texas.

And then... in 2010, I packed a suitcase, got on a plane, and moved to New York City.  I took an internship working for a literary agency and found a cheap apartment located above a funeral home (hence, the discounted rent). 

The internship turned into a job, and during my time there I wound up writing my first novel early in the mornings and late at night -- I think I wrote the book I'd been hoping to find in the slush pile. This is actually probably my best advice to aspiring writers out there: Don't chase trends, or write to show-off... instead, write that weird little book that you've always wanted to read, but that doesn't exist yet. Chances are someone else out there wants to read that, too. 

I no longer live above the funeral home. I enjoyed the peace and quiet but, to be honest, living above a funeral home is not very good for your social life.

I live for reading, travel, unusual bath products, strong coffee, fattening cheese, and nice wine. I am a language-learning junkie. And above all else, I am always, always at work on my next book. 

Photo by Elizabeth Romanski.   

Photo by Elizabeth Romanski.


Photo by Emily Kate Roemer.

Photo by Emily Kate Roemer.